Service outage, customers with EU-based service

2023-05-15 at 12:01
Resolved after about 7 hours


Haldor Education (Main service)
Haldor Guardians
Haldor Analysis and Follow-up
  • Resolved

    The previous malfunction is now resolved.
    All services are working again.

  • Monitoring

    Our services are up and running again, but as we still lack a final go-ahead from our service provider, there may still be disruptions.

  • Identified

    The error is identified as a hardware-related error in the operating environment and work is underway to fix this. At the moment, however, no estimated resolve time can be provided.

  • Investigating

    Our service provider for the EU-based services is working on solving the problem. We'll get back to you when we have an estimate on the resolution time.

  • Investigating

    We are experiencing a service outage. The service is currently unavailable for customers with EU-based service delivery.
    We are working to resolve the problem as soon as possible.